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Warmth, atmosphere, elegance: the light of the fire lit inside a fireplace creates magic. But every home, every room has its own needs and La Nordica Extraflame offers for each of them a solution to heat your home in an efficient and ecological way.

The inserts, for example, are designed to replace an old open fireplace, increasing performance in terms of both heating power and emissions. The monoblocks and fireplaces, on the other hand, are the ideal solution for creating your fireplace in every room of your home. In addition, thanks to the configuration for the ventilation or ducting kit, these devices allow you to transport the heat in other rooms, heating multiple rooms in your home with just one product.


Monoblocco 1000 Evo - Prestige Line

A wood fireplace with many benefits, featuring a large hearth opening (87 cm long, 34.5 high), a large glass door with a 45° opening to make it easier to clean inside and an extra-thick cast iron hood with a Power Radiant System. The firebox, in addition to featuring many cast iron elements, is cladded with Nordiker refractory stone that guarantees high performance and makes the flame very bright. Also, through the innovative optional ventilation outlets with a built-in extraction system, you can make the most of this efficient single-block product to direct the heat generated in other rooms.

COMFORT P70 AIR, P85 e P85 PLUS, pellet inserts

The wide range of La Nordica-Extraflame pellet products sees the introduction of a new line of pellet inserts, designed and built to assure great convenience and high performance. In fact, the three models have been designed for great ease of use and convenience of installation, also thanks to the new simplified system for completely extracting the appliance on sturdy rails with a load-bearing capacity of 250 Kg, the handy folding handles and the convenient sensors for low pellet level in the tank. What is more, for all three versions, two optional accessories are available for front loading through the drawer and for top/side loading through the hatch kit. These inserts feature a large cast iron fire door with panoramic glazing, essential emergency module and standard supplied palmtop remote control that also acts as room thermostat. They also stand out with their extremely powerful front ventilation, as for the comfort P70 Air where the 540 m3/h radial fan with backward curved blades (with free mouth) is also designed to reduce dust buildup for low maintenance. The PLUS version of P85 features a two-duct system up to 8 metres each, which can be fitted with thermostat, with two specific 180 m³/h centrifugal motors (with free mouth) with comfort option

80 WIDE e 100 WIDE, wood inserts

This new range of wood inserts is the ideal solution for turning your old fireplace into a high performance appliance, in terms of heating power as well as of emissions, without foregoing the beauty of an open fire. In fact, thanks to their neat and essential design, these two models, available in the 80 and 100cm-wide version, are designed to fully exploit the width of the hearth and fully enjoy watching the fire. The interior is entirely lined with Nordiker refractory material, a special material that improves performance and makes the hearth bright while the grate and (reversible) fire door are in G20 cast-iron. What is more, thanks to the effective Wind Air kit, an optional ventilation accessory, these products can also be ventilated or ducted to convey the heat they produce to other rooms of the home.

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