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Natural, renewable and potentially inexhaustible fuel - wood is an opportunity to stop eroding our ecosystem which is already subjected to emissions from other human activities.

At La Nordica-Extraflame we know very well that for we have been producing and marketing increasingly efficient and evolved wood products for years. Innovation that enable perfet wood combustion, while drastically reducing waste, and constant technological modernisation for optimal product management, always attentive to market needs. Based on these parameters, we have thought of a new way of designing wood stoves. Latest generation models allow you to fully embrace the philosophy of saving and respect for the environment, without forgetting the furnishing requirements of modern homes.


Marlena, cast iron enameled round stove

This attractive wood stove built entirely out of cast-iron with very high thermal yield is a product offering an elegant rounded design, whilst offering high performance and low emissions. It has a large Nordiker cast-iron hearth and a large Cast iron firedoor with curved glazing for a perfect view of the hearth. The new stainless steel ergonomic handle also adds an elegant and handy touch of style. To assure further safety, this product may be installed with external intake of combustion air. What is more, the performance higher than 85% will allow this product to be included in the Italian heating incentives scheme.

Liù, cast iron stove with majolica covering 

Liù is the new 7.5 kW wood-burning stove with external facing in majolica that, thanks to its high performance and carefully designed details, is a rightful member of the exclusive Prestige Line. Entirely made in enamelled cast iron, the performance of this efficient stove is more than 85% (which in Italy will make it possible to claim the heating incentives of Conto Termico 2.0) and has been designed to comply with the limitations of the most restrictive European certifications such as ecodesign, the German BimSchV and the 15th Austrian B-VG. The primary and secondary air can be conveniently adjusted with a single draft device while tertiary air is pre-calibrated with post combustion system. What is more, to assure further safety, during installation you can also choose to draw combustion air directly from the outside. Finally, the convenient ergonomic handle, the elegant Majolica facing and the spacious Nordiker refractory hearth with large panoramic curved glass are some of the details that mean this stove is an elegant and functional way to decorate your home.

Emiliana, stove with majolica covering

Emiliana is the new 6.5 kW wood-burning stove that stands out for its extremely high performance and very low emissions, at the top in its category. In fact, this product falls within the requirements for the heating incentives scheme and has obtained a 5-star classification, the maximum that may be obtained according to the limitations of environmental certification pursuant to It. Ministerial Decree 186 that defines the emission limits of dust into the atmosphere. The elegant Majolica facing is available in the infinity white and burgundy finishes and the quality of the materials make this appliance ideal to heat your home with class and style, suitable to any setting also thanks to its compact size.

Jennifer, cast iron enameled stove

This attractive wood stove built entirely out of very high thermal yield cast-iron is a product offering an elegant design with long lines, whilst retaining high performance and low emissions. It features a generous Nordiker cast-iron firebox that loads logs up to 50 cm and makes it possible to take in combustion air from outdoors during installation, thereby guaranteeing safety and reliability.

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