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Wood and pellet thermoproducst: great comfort and real saving on heating costs.

La Nordica-Extraflame enriches the wood and pellet products line by adding the possibility to connect them to the home hydraulic system by feeding hot water to the radiators. These are the ideal solution to face the winter in tranquillity exploiting the maximum heat yield with the minimal energy  consumption.


Costanza Idro, pellet thermostove

This pellet thermostove is a concentrate of technology and innovation. The sealed combustion chamber and the sealed tank are a guarantee of safety and reliability, the ceramic glow plug ensures quick and efficient ignition over time, while room ventilation can be completely disabled and thermostatically controlled to ensure maximum comfort also in the room where the stove is installed, without compromising on the output sent to the heating system, also guaranteed by the new high efficiency PWM circulation pump. Plus, the new black mask display, with a built-in Wi-Fi connection system, allows you to control the appliance also when you are out of the house thanks to the convenient Total Control 2.0 app. The steel cladding with majolica top is available with a white or burgundy finish.

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