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The wood-burning products of the Prestige Line are the result of more than 50 years' experience in this sector and are characterised by great attention and care for detail, a skilful choice of construction materials and a desire to offer increasingly high-performance and environmentally friendly appliances for heating your home.

Not only stoves, but also wood burning cookers and fireplaces are part of this exclusive collection of products in which design and performance come together perfectly.

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DANTE, wood stove

Dante is the wood stove wood stove that combines the elegance of a fireplace with the performance of a stove, showing off all the beauty and power of fire.

Thanks to the large glass door and lowered fire plane, this product is designed to make the most of the size of the hearth (dimensions 652 x 327 x 350) and fully enjoy the view of the fire.

The external set-up in matt black steel is available in different variants: vertical and linear in the version with lower log holder or more particular and with more character with the elegant 145 cm horizontal bench where the product can be placed according to the aesthetic or installation needs.

MILLY, wood burning cooker

Milly is the wood-burning cooker that stands out for its unique, recognisable and functional design and a skilful choice of materials for a build quality synonymous with durability.

Thanks to a large, enamelled, 78 l oven, the cast iron plate and rings and the possibility to add an upper food warmer complete with back with the interior in lava stone and stainless steel, Milly is ideal in the kitchen to rediscover the taste and tradition of wood-cooked food

The external casing is in enamelled stainless steel and fine majolica; the latter available in infinity white and burgundy.


MONOBLOCCO 90 PA, wood fireplace with panoramic glass

The spectacle of the fire is shown off and becomes the star with the new wood burning Monoblock 90PA.

Designed to make the flames more visible, without scrimping on handy features and high performance, thanks to the wide hearth opening, the lowered fire plan with minimised surrounds and screen, this model is the elder of a new generation of fireplaces, where aesthetics and technology are in perfect balance.

Monoblocco 90PA, also thanks to the very thick cast-iron hood with Power Radiant System, stands out by its very high yields and extremely low emissions, at the top of its category.


NOVA FORNO, wood burning stove with oven

Nova Oven is the wood burning stove that stands out for its extremely high performance and very low emissions, at the top of its category.

Alongside Emiliana, Fedora, and Concita, this new stove completes the range of 5-star wood burning stoves, offering the possibility of having a model equipped with a handy and efficient 37-litre oven, for healthy and natural cooking.

The elegant Majolica cladding available in matte white and burgundy finishes and the quality of the materials make this appliance ideal for heating your home with class and style, also thanks to the large hearth coated in Nordiker® fire-resistant material to show off the fire’s beauty.


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