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Prestige Line pellet stoves represent a perfect symbiosis of design and warmth and are designed to meet the new needs of consumers who are increasingly attentive to details and performance.

Each element is characterised by highly technological equipment that improves everyday use and at the same time reduces the need for frequent maintenance, while ensuring high reliability.

The high quality standards of the components and careful design for safety make these appliances an ideal choice for those who want something special in their own home, as well as the attentive design.

Peggy, ventilated pellet stove

A concentrate of style and technology: Peggy is the new fully airtight pellet stove in the Prestige line that stands out for its minimalist design, capable of adapting to different living styles.

Its small size provides great flexibility during installation, allowing it to fit into even the tightest of spaces, such as the niche of an old fireplace. Its compactness not only makes it an ideal solution in limited settings, but also simplifies the pellet loading process, offering a convenient and intuitive user experience without sacrificing performance.

Peggy’s sides are clad in black painted steel, while the top and fire door are made of durable enamelled cast iron. In addition, this model offers the possibility of customising the pedestal, with three beautiful variants to choose from, letting you adapt its appearance to your preferences and the style of your surroundings.

Mirka e Mirka Plus, ventilated pellet stove, also in ducted version

Mirka stands out by its meticulously-designed details and its elegant surfaces, with three different and sophisticated claddings: matte black ceramic or matte taupe and stone.

Mirka is also a high-performance device: tts performance is rendered even more efficient by the presence of the ceramic glow plug, for fast start up, and the new FPC system for always efficient combustion, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the combustion air and keep it constant over time.

This model is available in two versions, for heating that always meets the users’ various needs: ventilated to heat a single room or ducted to spread comfort over two different areas. Both models are equipped with the new Pro Air Setup function that makes it possible to fully manage ventilation and ducting by selecting three different operation modes that change the motors’ speed.

Pamela, hermetic round pellet stove

This modern and elegant pellet stove is a completely hermetic product (combustion chamber and tank) and is equipped with a double door: the internal part with ceramic glass and the external one with tempered glass.

The list of technologies on board this new product is very rich: the ceramic plug for rapid ignition, the centrifugal motor for room ventilation with comfort function, powerful and quiet, and the convenient multifunction remote control that also acts as a room thermostat.

This model is available with steel covering in Dove-grey version and also in the brand-new bronze finish. Alternatively, in continuity with the large curved door, you can choose the version with glass sides for an elegant ‘Crystal total black’ effect.

Gabriella Plus, stufa a pellet ermetica canalizzata slim

Gabriella Plus is the slim pellet stove (only 35 cm deep) designed to adapt to any room in your home. Thanks to its small size and the double possibility of smoke outlet (rear or top), the installation of this product lends itself to various solutions. In addition, the motor dedicated to ducting allows you to comfortably bring the heat to another room, reaching a distance of up to 8 meters.

Gabriella Plus is also completely hermetic and is equipped with a fire door with double ceramic glass, a guarantee of absolute safety. The covering is available in steel in white and bronze colours, or in natural stone.

Rosanna Idro, termostufa a pellet ermetica

Rosanna Idro is equipped with a refined combined covering of majolica and painted steel and is available in the Burgundy or Ivory finish.

The room ventilation with upper outlet ensures maximum comfort even for the environment in which it is installed, while still offering the possibility of completely excluding the fan for maximum silence.


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