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Discover the new glass-ceramic SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView, created by SCHOTT, one of the leading manufacturers of glass-ceramic for fireplaces, and tested in collaboration with La Nordica-Extraflame. Enjoy brand new, calmer and more defined flames. The ash of combustion becomes invisible when the pellet stove is turned off.

The new translucent black glass-ceramic, a SCHOTT ROBAX® product tested in collaboration with the La Nordica-Extraflame group, was previewed at Progetto Fuoco 2020 and is available as an accessory for AMIKA and DEBBY pellet stoves. This innovative solution not only softens the brightness and liveliness of the flames, but also hides the interior of the stove from view, once the hearth is turned off. During operation, the translucent black glass-ceramic guarantees new optical effects: the flames have a warmer color, and a more relaxing appearance. At the same time the panel obscures the view on the combustion chamber when the stove is turned off, integrating perfectly into any environment thanks to the dark and shiny surface. Pellet stoves will be an elegant piece of furniture in all months of the year.

The successful fusion of these two elements has led to an excellent result, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, so much that this project has been chosen and awarded from The German Design Award, one of the most widely recognised international design awards.



AMIKA, hermetic pellet stove 

Amika is the new pellet stove with airtight combustion chamber and hermetic tank, with a neat and elegant design. Its rounded shape, the front tempered steel facing and the elegant Majolica top, available in the burgundy, white, black and stone versions, make this product an extremely versatile solution, suited to any room and style of your home. Hermeticity stands for safety, like the pressure switches on the ash compartment as well and the efficient ceramic spark plug with the latest generation ignition system. What is more, the centrifugal motor for room ventilation has a comfort feature to assure noiseless operation without impairing performance.

DEBBY, hermetic pellet-burning stove - Evolution Line

This modern, elegant pellet stove in the Evolution Line is a completely hermetic product (combustion chamber and tank) with a double glass door, features which mean safety and reliability. The list of the technologies installed on this innovative product is indeed very rich: the ceramic spark plug, for quick ignition; the centrifugal, powerful and noiseless motor for room ventilation with comfort feature; the built-in T-pipe, that can be inspected from the back, and the handy multi-function remote control that also acts as room thermostat. These are just some of the many advantages supplied as standard, that make this stove the ideal solution to heat your home. What is more, the possibility of choosing between a back or upper smoke outlet ensures greater flexibility also during installation. This product is available with steel casing and Majolica top, in black and white finishes, or in the version with cladding all in natural stone.

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