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La Nordica-Extraflame ducted pellet stoves are the ideal solution for heating efficiently and functionally several rooms in your house while making the most of the power of just one product.

These innovative devices are designed to convey hot air also in adjacent rooms and allow you to effortlessly control temperatures, ignitions and time settings to ensure maximum comfort

Therefore, these smart latest-generation products combine a wealth of technological equipment without forgoing attention to design and high-quality materials. Moreover, pellets are environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient, and ensure extremely high yields and low emissions, in addition to being eligible for tax benefits and subsidies for energy-saving appliances and renewable energy.


Terry Plus, Evolution Line

This modern airtight pellet stove with a sealed combustion chamber, an airtight tank and an efficient ducting system is a concentrate of technology and innovation. Indeed, thanks to the three separate and thermostatically-controlled centrifugal motors, one dedicated to front ventilation with a flow rate of 400 m3/h and two dedicated to the two ductable outlets of up to 8 metres each, Terry Plus is used to obtain the desired comfort in each room, by simply setting the required temperature from the practical hand-held remote control which is also a room thermostat, and the wireless thermostat kit for the other rooms. The ceramic glow plug, for quick ignition, the fine majolica top cladding, the self-cleaning brazier and pellet loading with a quiet and efficient brushless motor, are only some of the many benefits offered by the series that make this stove the ideal solution for heating your home.

Lucia Plus

Lucia Plus is a ducted pellet stove with a modern and elegant design which, thanks to its high performance and 12 kW of rated power, is designed to heat large surface areas. It is fitted with three independent motors, one for frontal ventilation with a flow rate of 400 m3/h and two intended for ducting, with thermostat-fitted outlets that can be bypassed, and can be up to 8-metre long each. The new built-in Black Mask display with a “capacitive” touch keyboard makes it even easier to manage the stove features also thanks to the guided system that lights up the keys of the available features. Plus, the built-in Wi-Fi receiver provides free remote access to control the appliance even when out of the house thanks to the Total Control 2.0 app. Faced in fine Majolica, the stove is available in three colours: white, dove grey and burgundy

Marilena Plus

Marilena Plus is the new slim pellet stove (only 35 cm deep) designed to adapt to any room in the house. Indeed, thanks to its compact design and the three available smoke outlets (rear, top and left side) this product can be installed according to various solutions. Plus, the motor dedicated to ducting makes it possible to conveniently convey the heat into another room, up to 8 metres away and offering the chance of thermostatically controlling the outlet for maximum comfort in every room. Lastly, the comfort feature reduces the ventilation output to a minimum to guarantee silent operation without compromising performance. The steel cladding is available in three colours: white, black and burgundy.

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