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The modern La Nordica-Extraflame wood burning cookers combine technology and the care for materials with the values of tradition and the flavours of the past, to offer the possibility of cooking freely and heating your home at the same time.

Wood-cooking in fact gives the food a unique taste and releases the flavours of the past, but without giving up convenience and efficiency to heat your home. The use of quality materials and the clever design enable the heat to be used efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner, using a renewable energy source.

There are over 30 models of cookers and thermo cookers in the range, which keeps expanding thanks to new models every year: 


Rosa XXL - Petra

This new wood burning cooker is the evolution of the successful XXL La Nordica-Extraflame cooker range, introducing a new luxury finish to an appliance with incredibly high performance designed for traditional cooking with wood. The natural stone facing, in fact, does not only add an elegant touch to the cooker but acts as an efficient storage system, to release healthy and toasty heat even after the fire has gone out. The large 78-litre oven, the hot plate and polished cast-iron rings, and the handy wood storage compartment are all supplied as standard.

Family 4,5

This wood-burning cooker with its simple and yet elegant design is one of La Nordica-Extraflame’s latest entry, the result of the group’s decades of experience with products for the wood-burning cooker industry. This practical 41-litre oven, with the double glass door of this model, and the polished cast iron plate with rings are the ideal tools for cooking simply and efficiently, while the convenient wood storage drawer and bottom feet make loading and cleaning easier. The glazed steel external facing comes in three finishes: white, anthracite black and cappuccino

Milly with warming compartment

With 50 years experience in this sector, this product is the result of attention and care for details, with a unique, recognisable, functional design, a knowledgeable choice of materials for a long-lasting construction quality. Thanks to a large, enamelled, 78 l oven, the cast iron plate and rings and the possibility to add an upper food warmer complete with back with the interior in lava stone and stainless steel, Milly is ideal in the kitchen to rediscover the taste and tradition of wood-cooked food. The high yield, configuration for an external air inlet and the hearth coated in Nordiker fire-resistance stone all guarantee safety, efficiency, and excellent performance, fully compliant with restrictive European standards. The external casing is in enamelled stainless steel and fine majolica; the latter available in infinity white and burgundy.

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