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Dante is the new wood stove that combines the elegance of a fireplace with the performance of a stove, showing off all the beauty and power of fire.

Thanks to the large glass door and lowered fire plane, this product is designed to make the most of the size of the hearth (dimensions 652 x 327 x 350) and fully enjoy the view of the fire. The internal covering is completely in Nordiker refractory, a special material that improves performance and gives brightness to the hearth, while the grille and the fire door are in cast iron.

Among the many advantages of this product, the reversible door and the predisposition to take combustion air from the outside, but above all the EPS system to accumulate heat, significantly reducing emissions, so much so that this product receives the incentives of the Conto Termico 2.0 in case of replacement of an old biomass product.

The external set-up in matt black steel is available in different variants: vertical and linear in the version with lower log holder or more particular and with more character with the elegant 145 cm horizontal bench where the product can be placed according to the aesthetic or installation needs.

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