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Sharon Plus Crystal

Tight and hermetic pellet stove with ducting system

Features: • Upper room ventilation with dedicated motor, excludable • Heart in white refractory (Extra-ker) • Integrated Wi-Fi (App “Total Control 2.0”) • Ducting system with dedicated motor till 8 mt., thermostable, excludable • Ceramic igniter • Extractable burn pot for easy cleaning • Output smoke outlet possibilities: rear, upper • Ducting system output possibilities (Ø80 mm): rear • Radiant surface heat exchanger • Double door: Glass ceramic external door • Wide fire vision • Reduced depth (slim) • Emergency module • Extractable Ash compartment • Fire door and brazier in cast iron • With the AUTOMATIC function activated, the stove manages the power output so that the room temperature set by the user remains constant. This minimises power fluctuations to the benefit of thermal and acoustic comfort • With AIR ZONE CONTROL (AZC) the speed of rotation of the ducting fan is managed with the aim of maximising the transmission of thermal power in the ducted environment • Control with radio-controlled “handheld” device, with thermostat function

3,5-10,0 kW rated thermal input
287 m3 heatable
Dimensions (W-H-D) 900 x 1150 x 290 mm
Net weight 155 kg
Efficiency 91,7 – 91,0 %
Hourly consumption 0,8 - 2,3 kg/h
Smoke outlet diameter 80 mm P/S
Feed box total capacity ~21 kg
Energy Label A+


Hopper safety thermostat
Air-tight seal test at 50 Pa (100% of the products)
Flue pipe safety pressure switch
Glass cleaning system
1st and 2nd air auto-balancing
Outdoor temperature thermostat input
Auto-relighting after black-out
Room temp. thermostat
Clean combustion
Doors in cast iron
Extractable burn pot for easy cleaning
Auto-adjustment of the fumes extractor (encoder)


  • CE
  • EN 14785
  • Flamme Verte
  • BImsch
  • 15a B-VG
  • Ecodesign
  • CSTB

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