Marilena Plus AD Crystal

"Tight" pellet stove with ducting system

Vlastnosti: • Natural stone coating • Room ventilation with upper outlet • Removable ash compartment • Hearth, door and brazier in cast ironn• Integrated room temperature thermostat • Weekly programmer • Touch IR remote control • Removable handle with storage compartment • Hermetic tank • 3 output smoke outlet possibilities:
Upper, Rear and Left side • Ducting System with dedicated engine, thermostatable and up to 8 meters range • Differential system of safety in the combustion chamber

* Approval undergoing model, technical data can be subject to change


Dati provvisori, prodotto in fase di omologazione
8,0 kW rated thermal input
Dati provvisori, prodotto in fase di omologazione
228 m3 heatable
Hourly consumption 1.8 Kg/h*
Smoke outlet diameter 80 mm*
Dimensions (L-H-P) 750x1077x352 mm*
Net weight 136 Kg*
Efficiency 91.0 %*
Feed box total capacity 15 Kg*
Energy Label A+


Acoustic Comfort Fan
Auto Clean Checkup
Room Temperature Control
ChronoThermostat Program
Resistant Door at the Time
Delay Stop System
Keylock System
Rate Adjustment Program
Auto Re-Start
Electronic Air Control
Clean Glass Control
Interface Control Temperature
Pellet Level Control

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