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Ketty Evo 2.0

Ventilated pellet stove

Features• Hearth, fire door and brazier in cast iron • Radiant surface heat exchanger • Extractable Ash compartment • Front room ventilation with dedicated motor, with Comfort function • Output smoke outlet possibilities: rear • Extractable hearth (only by authorized assistance) • Standard Equipment: Black LCD

2,5-6,5 kW rated thermal input
187 m3 heatable
Efficiency 89,9 - 90,7 %
Dimensions (W-H-D) 456x884x479 mm
Net weight 77 kg
Hourly consumption 06-1,5 Kg/h
Smoke outlet diameter 80 mm P
Feed box total capacity ~ 15 kg
Energy Label A+


1st and 2nd air auto-balancing
Glass cleaning system
Flue pipe safety pressure switch
Extractable burn pot for easy cleaning
Auto-adjustment of the fumes extractor (encoder)
Clean combustion
Room temp. thermostat
Hopper safety thermostat
Auto-relighting after black-out


  • CE
  • EN 14785
  • 15a B-VG
  • BImsch
  • Flamme Verte
  • Aria Pulita (DN9)
  • Ecodesign

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