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Verona XXL and Venezia: the wood burning cookers designed to be next to your kitchen furniture in full safety and without any special insulation kits.

  • VERONA XXL, wood burning insertable kitchen.

  • VENEZIA, wood burning insertable kitchen.

Excellent for cooking:

Thanks to temperature control with automatic thermovalve and specifically designed flue gas pass, these new products are your ideal ally in the kitchen to celebrate Italian tradition and the aroma of cooking with wood. They are equipped with a conveniently wide oven, with standard supplied light, with reaches optimal temperatures in a short time. Furthermore, the plates in extra thick cast iron or the ceramic glass hob (optional) let you fully exploit the cooking top as well.  

Easy to install:

Padova, Verona, Verona XXL and Vicenza Evo are tested and approved products for being fitted between kitchen units in full safety, with no need for additional insulation kits. The cold side guarantee and the option to adjust top, height and base make these products extremely versatile and easy to install, suiting any layout also thanks to the possibility to choose among four flue outlet positions (three for Padova) and door reversibility (except Padova).

Built to last:

Cast iron doors and front, stainless steel and “enamelled steel” cladding and seals to assure sturdiness and hygiene, doors in one-piece cast iron for constant seal and the presence of double or triple glass on the fire door are the details that make the difference, synonym of quality and long-lasting sturdiness. Furthermore, the insides of the Nordiker hearth, a special composition, patented refractory material, assure top performance and an aesthetic impact to combustion as well.


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