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Made-in-Italy excellence is reflected in all lines of La Nordica-Extraflame products, where ergonomics, meticulous attention to style and detail, imagination and zero environmental impact become essential priorities and prerogatives.

The production system guarantees the value of the product really done in Italy. The customer can be sure to have purchased an Italian product of first quality. Craftsmanship, as the mayolicas hand painted, enamelled cast iron and details care make a La Nordica-Extraflame product a unique and unforgettable moment.



Cast Iron

La Nordica-Extraflame has always used the best cast iron to make its products. Thanks to its high thermal stress coefficient, cast iron maintains its shape unaltered, making it the perfect material for stove: resistant to heat and impact and ideal for releasing the heat with prolonged diffusion in the room. It is also completely recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. Products in the range are available either painted or with a long-lasting enamel finish requiring minimal maintenance.


Special steel is used in La Nordica-Extraflame products to make both thick structural elements and certain braziers where the high temperatures reached necessitate the use of material with high thermal resistance and long life to guarantee top performance.


Glass-ceramic sheets offer top quality and safety, characteristics which have encouraged La Nordica-Extraflame to continue investing in use of this extremely durable material with high thermal resistance. Compared to normal glass, glass-ceramics have a thermal expansion coefficient of almost zero, they do not therefore distort when heated and represent a fundamental material for all fireplaces and stoves which use not just flat sheets, but also angled, curved or even three-dimensional in various sizes.


To make its refractory products, La Nordica-Extraflame has patented Nordiker, a special highly resistant material allowing very high combustion temperatures to be reached. Nordiker is safe to use, easy to maintain and extremely durable. It is also an indication of operation as preservation of the light colour not only shows off the luminosity of the flame to full advantage, but also indicates correct use of the appliance. For customers, choosing a product made from Nordiker means better operation, an attractive appearance and lower emissions.


2 weeks production. In its constant quest to improve quality, La Nordica-Extraflame has chosen to face its products with majolica to guarantee optimum storage of the heat which is then given off evenly to the room. Majolica is the result of a top quality hand production process. Although it uses the most up-to-date technology to guarantee total quality, the lengthy production cycle (two weeks) required to obtain majolica, must be performed completely by hand. All majolica is therefore beautiful, unique and unrepeatable, as guaranteed by the details you can observe on each individual piece, such as craquelure, speckling and shading.

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