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A brand new wood burning cookers line, specifically designed to comply with North American safety standards. La Nordica UL-C woodburning cookers combine technology and attention to the materials with the values of tradition and the flavours of the past. In fact, cooking with a wood-burning stove gives food a unique taste and releases the traditional aromas.

La Nordica appliances of the UL-C are cookstoves specifically designed to fulfill all the safety requirements required by the market. In particular, these products have been certified to the test standards UL1482 and ULC S627 for the US and Canadian markets, respectively. Installation compliance is given by following the requirements of the test standards together with the national installation codes for each country.

There are many models of the new UL-C wood burning cookers, let's find out below Rosa, Rosa XXL and Rosa Reverse:


The Rosa XXL UL-C wood cooker with its simple yet elegant design is your ideal ally in the kitchen. This model is available in three different aesthetic variants: in enameled steel Anthracite Black, in majolica White Infinity or Bordeaux, and in a luxurious natural stone finish. The natural stone facing does not only add an elegant touch to the cooker but acts as an efficient storage system, to release healthy and toasty heat even after the fire has gone out. The large 20,6 gallons oven, the hot plate and polished cast-iron rings, and the handy wood storage compartment are all supplied as standard.


Rosa is available in a wide variety of claddings and colour finishes that make it versatile and able to adapt to any living context. You can choose from cladding in refined hand-made burgundy, infinity white and dove grey majolica, or burgundy and cream Art Nouveau ceramic. Alternatively, Rosa is available in the elegant natural stone version that adds a touch of design to the kitchen and serves as an effective storage system, to release wholesome and pleasant heat even after the flame is extinguished.

Rosa, in all versions, is also equipped with a large 41-litre porcelain enamelled steel oven and a large plate with polished cast iron rings ideal for cooking food in a healthy and natural way.


Rosa Reverse is the wood-burning cooker with elegant ceramic cladding, available in burgundy and cream Art Nouveau finishes.
The convenient 28 litre oven and the polished cast iron ring plate are the ideal allies for simple and effective cooking, while the large hearth allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the fire.

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