Four innovative solutions to manage the comfort of your home at best and in utter convenience thanks to your pellet product. 

 App "Total Control"   App "Total Control 2.0" 

TOTAL CONTROL and TOTAL CONTROL 2.0 are applications for smartphone and tablet that let you monitor and control in real time La Nordica-Extraflame pellet products even when you are away from home, if there is an internet connection. By downloading for free the version compatible with your product in the online stores, you will transform your mobile device into an innovative control and management platform for your heating system.  Read the detailed information to find out more.


  App "Easy Access"

EASY ACCESS is a smart phone application that exploits the short message technology to monitor and control La Nordica-Extraflame pellet products. Read the detailed information to find out more.


Termostato Wireless  Wireless Thermostat

The wireless thermostat allows to control and adjust stoves, inserts, hydro products and boiler installed in a different room. Find out more here.


Scheda espansione impianto  System Expansion Motherboard Kit

The installation expansion board optimises functioning of the thermoproduct by means of appropriate configurations, reducing consumption and extending the working life of the product. Find out more here.

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