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June 24, 2021 10:25am

High performance and low emissions for an unmistakable style: discover the new La Nordica-Extraflame woodburning stoves!

The wide variety of woodburning stoves in our catalogue allow you to choose the right product that can perfectly match the style of your home, saving money and respecting the environment. 

We at La Nordica-Extraflame know this well. We have been producing and putting on the market increasingly high-performance and evolved wood-burning stoves for years. Innovations that allow a perfect combustion of the wood, drastically reducing waste, a constant technological modernisation for the optimal management of the product, always attentive to the needs of the consumer, to savings and respect for the environment. 


TAHITI, wood stove entirely in cast iron

This beautiful wood stove is built entirely of enamelled cast iron with high thermal efficiency. It is a product with an elegant design and tapered lines that still offers high performance and low emissions. It is equipped with a large hearth in cast iron and Nordiker that allows you to load logs up to 50 cm and allows, during the installation phase, to take combustion air from the outside, to guarantee safety and reliability. In addition, the convenient dedicated side door makes loading wood even more comfortable and immediate, as an alternative to the large front fire door.

CONCITA, wood stove with majolica covering

Concita is the new 11.8 kW wood stove that stands out for its very high efficiency and very low emissions, at the top of its category. This product has obtained the 5-star classification, the maximum achievable for the Italian Market according to the constraints of the environmental certification of DM186, which defines the limits of particle emissions into the atmosphere. Thanks to the EPS heat recovery system, through internal turbulators in the smoke outlet pipe (supplied in every version), the level of emissions is drastically reduced. The elegant majolica covering available in the White Infinity and Burgundy finishes and the quality of its materials also make it an ideal appliance to heat your home with taste and style, thanks also to the large hearth covered with Nordiker refractory material to best enhance the beauty of the fire.

DANTE, Prestige Line wood burning stove

Dante is the new wood stove that combines the elegance of a fireplace with the performance of a stove, showing off all the beauty and power of fire. Thanks to the large glass door and lowered fire plane, this product is designed to make the most of the size of the hearth (dimensions 652 x 327 x 350) and fully enjoy the view of the fire. Find out more here.

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