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May 24, 2023 10:37am

Nova Forno - Steel, Concita 2.0 - Steel, Emiliana - Steel and Fedora - Steel are the new 2023 wood-burning stoves, a range extension of the models already successfully present in the catalogue, united by the new enamelled steel cladding, which is added to the one already available in fine majolica to offer an ever wider variety of aesthetics to choose from.
On a technical level, the excellent performance of these appliances is confirmed. They stand out for their very high efficiency and very low emissions, at the top of their category and certified by the most restrictive European and international standards.

NOVA FORNO - STEEL, wood burning stove with oven – Prestige Line

Nova Forno Steel is the wood-burning stove with oven from the Prestige Line, a further choice for the model presented in 2022, which expands the alternative of claddings, already available in majolica, by adding a version completely in black or cream enamelled steel.
This model, like the current one, is equipped with a convenient and efficient 37 litre oven, ideal for healthy and natural cooking of your favourite dishes with the unique taste of wood-fired cooking. In addition, the large firebox is lined with Nordiker® refractory material to enhance the beauty of the fire.

FEDORA - STEEL, wood-burning stove

Fedora Steel is a new version of the Fedora wood-burning stove, of which it maintains the excellent performance: very low emissions and very high efficiency in compliance with the strictest European and international environmental standards.
As with the other new wood-burning models in the Steel finish, Fedora Steel also comes with black or cream enamelled steel cladding, in addition to the burgundy and white infinity tiles already in the catalogue. The door and base are made of enamelled cast iron, as is the header, equipped with a convenient cooking plate.
Finally, the large ceramic glass ensures an excellent panoramic view of the hearth.


CONCITA 2.0 - STEEL, wood-burning stove

The Concita 2.0 Steel is a further aesthetic development of the Concita model introduced in 2021, from which it differs in that it has a new, fully enamelled steel cover available in black and cream.
This wood-burning stove is equipped as standard with the EPS heat recovery system, which uses an internal turbulator in the flue gas outlet pipe to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.
The quality of its materials make this stove an ideal appliance for heating your home with taste and style, thanks also to the large firebox lined with Nordiker® refractory material that enhances the brightness of the flame.

EMILIANA - STEEL, wood-burning stove

Emiliana Steel is the small wood-burning stove that fits into any room, furnishing and heating it efficiently.
Emiliana Steel, an extension of the Emiliana model already successfully present in the catalogue since 2019, is presented this year with a new black or cream enamelled steel covering to offer a wide variety of aesthetics and adapt to every style and living context.
Finally, the presence of a polished cast iron rim in the stove top also allows food and drinks to be comfortably heated by the natural heat of the fire.

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