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December 18, 2018 15:51pm

Also this year, the award-winning “Puro calore, made in Italy” woollen items by La Nordica Extraflame will be present again with 4 new products in the main Communication channels for a high-visibility campaign


Family 4,5, wood burning cooker

This new wood-burning cooker with its simple and yet elegant design is La Nordica-Extraflame’s latest entry, the result of the group’s decades of experience with products for the wood-burning cooker industry. This practical 41-litre oven, with the double glass door of this model, and the polished cast iron plate with rings are the ideal tools for cooking simply and efficiently, while the convenient wood storage drawer and bottom feet make loading and cleaning easier. The glazed steel external facing comes in three finishes: white, anthracite black and cappuccino

Jennifer, cast iron wood stove

This attractive wood stove built entirely out of very high thermal yield cast-iron is a product offering an elegant design with long lines, whilst retaining high performance and low emissions. It features a generous Nordiker cast-iron firebox that loads logs up to 50 cm and makes it possible to take in combustion air from outdoors during installation, thereby guaranteeing safety and reliability.

Costanza Idro, hermetic pellet thermostove

This new pellet thermostove is a concentrate of technology and innovation. The sealed combustion chamber and the sealed tank are a guarantee of safety and reliability, the ceramic glow plug ensures quick and efficient ignition over time, while room ventilation can be completely disabled and thermostatically controlled to ensure maximum comfort also in the room where the stove is installed, without compromising on the output sent to the heating system, also guaranteed by the new high efficiency PWM circulation pump. Plus, the new black mask display, with a built-in Wi-Fi connection system, allows you to control the appliance also when you are out of the house thanks to the convenient Total Control app. The steel cladding with majolica top is available with a white or burgundy finish.

Terry Plus, ducted pellet stove in the Evolution Line

This modern airtight pellet stove with a sealed combustion chamber, an airtight tank and an efficient ducting system is a concentrate of technology and innovation. Indeed, thanks to the three separate and thermostatically-controlled centrifugal motors, one dedicated to front ventilation with a flow rate of 400 m3/h and two dedicated to the two ductable outlets of up to 8 metres each, Terry Plus is used to obtain the desired comfort in each room, by simply setting the required temperature from the practical hand-held remote control which is also a room thermostat, and the wireless thermostat kit for the other rooms. The ceramic glow plug, for quick ignition, the fine majolica top cladding, the self-cleaning brazier and pellet loading with a quiet and efficient brushless motor, are only some of the many benefits offered by the series that make this stove the ideal solution for heating your home.

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