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July 13, 2022 11:23am

The beauty of the fire, the power of a boiler: the new pellet thermo-stoves 2022 are the ideal solution for heating the entire house in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner, without compromising easy management and a sophisticated design.

Find out more about Evelyne Idro 2.0 and Marina Idro:


Evelyne Idro 2.0 is the restyled model of the narrow airtight pellet thermo-stove that has been a successful part of the catalogue since 2016. This model, that takes up very little space, makes it possible to heat your entire house by connecting to the heating system.

This new version has many new features. From a design point of view, the new grey majolica and the new Black Screen tempered glass are completely new aesthetic features, for a sophisticated dark cladding that combines with the delicate and rounded lines of this model to perfection. Plus, when the stove is off, the glass creates a “Black Screen” effect that hides the combustion chamber while showing off the beauty of the flame when the stove is operational. The majolica is also available in white and taupe finishes, as well as grey.

Going beyond Design, the model has important new technological features: nowadays, there is the standard possibility of connecting the device to the house’s Wi-Fi network for easy management of the stove functions, through the TOTAL CONTROL 2.0 app, even when you are not home. The efficient latest-generation self-cleaning brazier and the new automatic combustion and ventilation management systems complete the features of this stove that, even in the older model, ranking top of the range in its category. Lastly, the hydraulic fittings to connect the stove to the house’s system have been moved to a new position to make connections and maintenance interventions even easier.



Marina Idro, the new pellet thermostove available in two different energy factor versions, 11 and 13 kW of water heating power, connects with your heating system to bring hot water to the radiators and heat the entire house. In addition, this thermo-stove is equipped with front ventilation for the room it is installed in.

The truly new technological features are, however, represented by the “5 Star” brazier, by the FPC system to control the combustion air, and by the possibility of integrating the stove with the “Alexa” smart home assistant. The performance of Marina Idro is optimised also thanks to the efficient PWM circulator and to the presence of the reliable glow plug.

Lastly, both versions of Marina Idro are available in ivory, burgundy and bronze.

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