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June 29, 2021 15:46pm

Ventilated, ducted or thermo but also slim, round or with brand new color finishes: this year for pellet stoves you'll be spoilt for choice. Find out more:

The wide range of La Nordica-Extraflame pellet stoves is enriched again this year with new solutions: there are 11 new models of pellet stoves with different systems and proposals for heating your home:


SHARON PLUS, slim and hermetic pellet stove with ducting system

Sharon Plus is the latest innovation from La Nordica-Extraflame that joins and completes the Top range of Evolution Line pellet products.

The elegant and clean lines, the very low depth (only 29 cm) and the precious Black crystal or Natural stone coverings make this product unique and unmistakable, a true piece of furniture capable of transforming the room on its own. Its small footprint and the double choice for the smoke outlet also make it very versatile even during installation, especially in situations of limited space such as in an entry hall or corridor. The powerful motor dedicated to the ducting also allows the heat to be brought to another room up to 8 meters away, then giving the user the possibility to exclude the function, or add a thermostat, for maximum comfort.

The product is hermetic and is always tested in line to ensure its safety. The real innovation of this product, however, is all in the hearth: through the large double door with double ceramic glass, the flame becomes the protagonist, even brighter thanks to the new Extra-Ker white refractory covering.

GABRIELLA PLUS, slim and hermetic pellet stove with ducting system

Gabriella Plus is the new slim pellet stove (only 35 cm deep) designed to adapt to any room in your home. Thanks to its small size and the double possibility of smoke outlet (rear or top), the installation of this product lends itself to various solutions. In addition, the motor dedicated to ducting allows you to comfortably bring the heat to another room, reaching a distance of up to 8 meters and offering the possibility of thermostating the output, for maximum comfort in any environment, while the comfort function allows you to reduce to minimum the ventilation power to ensure silence without sacrificing performance.

Gabriella Plus is also completely hermetic and is equipped with a fire door with double ceramic glass, a guarantee of absolute safety. The covering is available in steel in white and bronze colours, or in natural stone.

SINFONY, ventilated and hermetic pellet stove

Sinfony is the new ventilated pellet stove which, thanks to its rich technological equipment, is part of the special Evolution Line dedicated to specialist retailers. This product, in addition to being hermetic, synonymous with safety and performance, is equipped with a convenient and effective automatic cleaning system of the brazier to reduce the daily maintenance of the product and, thanks also to the presence of the ceramic plug, always guarantees efficient combustion. The excludable ventilation and the useful weekly programmer are easily managed by the multifunctional handheld remote control which also acts as a room thermostat: just set the temperature and position it where you want to reach the desired comfort, the stove will take care of the rest. The external covering in steel and majolica is available in Glossy white or tortora finishes.

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