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October 21, 2021 16:25pm

La Nordica Extraflame presents Restyling Suggestions, a series of design concepts for interior renovation that highlight the versatility and functionality of our products.

The stars of this project are the new Venezia model wood burning cooker and the renovation of a highly evocative location, the ruins of an old farmhouse in Puglia which has been trans- formed by redeveloping and reinterpreting the areas according to today’s habits and lifestyles, while simultaneously enhancing the typic al architectural elements of rural buildings in southern Italy that blend so well with the territory.

Venezia, the wood-burning cooker that combines tradition with modern design

Kitchens have once again become areas where to live, spend time and get together, cosy, social places.

Inside, the project caters for a large open space where the kitchen and dining room are a continuum of the sp aces and where the Venezia wood burning cooker, with its modernised tradition, brings back memories of long gone flavours, with the additional benefit of the latest technology.

The stainless steel cladding lightens the thick cast iron cooktop, the latter designed to make the most of the kitchen’s power, while the two large black screen printed crystal windows allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of fire.

Venezia is versatile: it is a free standing element but can also be easily placed in contact with furniture without needing optional kits since it is certified for this particular context.

Its 90 cm width makes it compact and capable of optimising the spac es in complete safety. It is equipped with a large hearth and conveniently wide oven (44 l), fitted with a light as standard, which reaches optimal temperatures in a short time.

It has a rated output of 8.3 kW and, in addition to cooking, it heats up to 2 38 cubic metres by convection and radiation, in full compliance with the requirements of the most restrictive European regulations.

The excess vapour valve, the BBC system for drawing combustion air from the outside, the option to choose the smoke output and the practical accessories make it even more flexible and safe both with regard to installation and maintenance.

Discover Venezia, the new 2021 product that completes the La Nordica Extraflame Group’s fitted cooking range: Vicenza Evo, Veron a XXL and Padova, the cities of taste.

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