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August 24, 2022 15:39pm

Completely new models, as well as restyled and evolved versions of devices that already part of the range, all sharing the desire to manufacture products with increasingly higher performance and that are increasingly eco-friendly.

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NORIS, airtight pellet stove

In 2022 the Evolution Line is enriched with the Noris series, a pellet stove model available in two mantel versions, with external cladding made of steel or majolica, and in two heating function solutions, with just front ventilation or also with double ducting.

The innovative Pro Air Setup ventilation management system makes it possible to regulate the room ventilation and the ducting, depending on the user’s needs, by selecting the fan speed from three different modes, to always guarantee the best temperature with the least noise.

Lastly, the integrated Black LCD display and the IR Touch remote control make managing the functions of this product even easier. Moreover, by using the optional wi-fi module, it is possible to remotely control the device even when you are out of the house.

MIRKA and MIRKA PLUS, ventilated pellet stove, also in ducted version

Mirka is the new pellet stove of the Prestige line, a collection where design and performance are in perfect unity.

This model stands out by its meticulously-designed details and its elegant surfaces, with three different and sophisticated claddings: matte black ceramic or matte taupe and stone.
Its performance is rendered even more efficient by the presence of the ceramic glow plug, for fast start up, and the new FPC system for always efficient combustion, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the combustion air and keep it constant over time.

The greatest novelties of this year are also the possibility of integrating the stove with the “Alexa” smart home device and the “5 Star” brazier with EGR system that makes it possible to enjoy the warmth of the flames and relax watching them.

Mirka is available in two versions, for heating that always meets the users’ various needs: ventilated to heat a single room or ducted to spread comfort over two different areas. Both models are equipped with the new Pro Air Setup function that makes it possible to fully manage ventilation and ducting by selecting three different operation modes that change the motors’ speed. 


KATIA 9 and KATIA 11, airtight, ventilated pellet stoves

The models Katia 9 and Katia 11 are two other important new products introduced to the Evolution Line range in 2022: the new clean and elegant airtight and ventilated pellet stoves with a multitude of accessories.

These articles, as well as being airtight and having a double glass door, synonymous with quality and performance, are equipped with a handy and efficient automatic brazier cleaning system with Brushless motor to reduce the daily operations for taking care of the device.

Both models have a dedicated motor for room ventilation, that can be regulated by thermostat and with Pro Air Setup function.

Katia is available in two output versions, Katia 9 and Katia 11, that are different also at an aesthetic level. The external cladding of both versions is available in white, bronze and taupe; the Katia 11 version, however, offers a two-colour effect where only the lower band is customisable.
Lastly, the wide curved ceramic glass fire door makes it possible to enjoy watching the flames.

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